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Best places for Ramadan Iftar & Suhoor in Dubai

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A few of the very best locations in Dubai where you and your family can enjoy an unforgettable time together.

Dubai is a wonderful location to spend the month of Ramadan. Not only the Emirate is filled with beautiful mosques that welcomes Muslims from all over the world, but there are also great places to relax and enjoy the company of your family and friends for Iftar and Suhoor. 

Constellation Ballroom

At the Address Dubai Marina the Constellation Ballroom provides a dazzling location for Iftar, with a generous and eclectic buffet that skilfully combines both Arabic and international cuisine. Music and entertainment create the perfect ambience for a family feast.


This authentic Arabic restaurant located in The Address Hotel Dubai Mall at Downtown Dubai, combines regional dishes from across the Middle East and creates a fusion menu that is delicious and adventurous. One of the most popular Iftar locations in the city, it is advisable to book as tables quickly fill up, thanks to its reputation of providing exceptional food and a warm, welcoming atmosphere for families.

Ewaan at The Palace Downtown Dubai

In The Palace Downtown Dubai you’ll find the tranquil surroundings of Ewaan Lounge, cooled by the swaying fronds of palm trees in the heart of the city and serving a buffet of the finest food and drink. This is an elegant location in Downtown Dubai where the service is attentive and courteous, and visitors of all ages are welcomed with open arms.

The Courtyard at Manzil Downtown Dubai

Manzil Downtown Dubai’s Courtyard eatery delivers a unique Suhoor experience, offering an a la carte menu and live entertainment. They’ve captured the essence of Suhoor by providing a feast for all the senses, including your nose – incense permeates the evening air, adding to the overall experience.

Ramadan Tents:

Dubai Creek Harbour Ramadan Tent

The Ramadan Nights at Rise Dubai Creek Harbour Ramadan Tent by Emaar Properties is a captivating and inspiring location that makes the most of the harbour’s tranquil surroundings. Open for Iftar and Suhoor, it offers fine cuisine and breathtaking views, thanks to the transparent façade that overlooks some of the most photogenic locations in Dubai. A selection of board games to keep you entertained, while live music combined with a buffet of exceptional cuisine is provided throughout the evening.

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