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Your ultimate guide to property management, home decoration and more.


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Buying a home is always an exciting time so it’s important to keep your head. There are many guidelines you can call upon to ensure you get just the right home for you. Here’s our words of advice to steer you through the right door.

Decide on your budget

Calculate how much you can afford. Would you be better off buying a villa, townhouse or apartment? Deciding on your budget should always be the first step when shopping for your dream home.  

Assess your lifestyle requirements

Are you looking for a city location or something more rural? Are you a young professional living alone or feeding an entire family? Do you need schools nearby? Do you want to be close to the office? Do you want to be close to the Dubai Metro? You can never ask yourself too many questions! 

Check out the neighbourhood

A home is about more than just the property you purchase, it’s about the whole community and neighbourhood you live in. Before you buy a home, make sure you thoroughly research the neighbourhood to ensure you are completely happy with it. Scope it out during the day and in the evening and be sure to check out the facilities and amenities on offer.

Location, Location, Location

Location is the most important factor in real estate, and for good reason. Before you buy a home, consider the best locations for the highest return on investment in the future. If you are purchasing a home with the aim of renting it out, will it be attractive to the person living there? Is it close to the city and the airport? Location is key.

How credible is the developer?

Do your research. Is the property developer reputable? What projects have they delivered in the past? It is important that you invest your money wisely.

With these guidelines in mind, finding a home in Dubai should be a breeze. Be sure to choose a community that best suits your lifestyle and make the most of the beautiful city we live in. Grand attractions are not lacking in Dubai, what with the tallest tower in the world Burj Khalifa and the largest dancing fountains- to name a few. In the cooler season, enjoy the outdoor activities from organic markets with local produce to outdoor walkathons or just a simple barbecue day in your community’s park.

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