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Address Dubai Mall is a city shopping retreat connected to the world’s largest fashion and entertainment destination

Perfectly representing the spirit of Dubai, Address Dubai Mall is a city shopping retreat situated in the vibrant heart of Downtown Dubai, and is seamlessly connected to The Dubai Mall, the world’s largest shopping and entertainment destination.

Multi-faceted in the truest sense, it is a luxury hotel featuring luxurious and impeccably appointed rooms and suites. Its popularity with global travellers, and especially with visitors from across the GCC, can be attributed to its exceptional appeal as a family destination and the various shades of authentic Arabian culture that it presents.

Keeping children creatively engaged is a key focus at Address Dubai Mall, where fun-filled workshops, themed celebrations and inventive arts and crafts inspire their imagination for hours at Qix club. Only 15 minutes from Dubai International Airport, it is perfectly accessible, and is an unmatched starting point to explore this dynamic city.


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