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Shaping the magical BeitMisk, a country-side residential development

Emaar is bringing its world-class competencies to Lebanon with BeitMisk, a one-of-a-kind project that sets a new paradigm in residential developments

Emaar has established a strong presence and reputation in Lebanon’s real estate sector with the project development of BeitMisk. The 655,000 sqm community is set high in the mountain and revolves around a vast community centre with retail and public squares.

With BeitMisk, Emaar has raised the benchmark in property development in Lebanese real estate market, merging truly world-class design with architectural concepts that are in harmony with nature.

With the first homes in BeitMisk handed over to customers, Emaar is on track to complete the remaining phases of the project. BeitMisk also serves as a strong testament to Emaar’s competencies in creating sustainable neighbourhoods that complement the natural contours of the land and provide residents with a world-class lifestyle.

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