Take a Tour around the Largest Man-Made Marina in the World


This remarkable waterfront development, built along a 3km stretch of the Gulf shoreline, is widely considered to be one of the wonders of the region. Modelled on, of all places, Vancouver in Canada, the marina is one of the region’s hottest tourist spots, as well as a dream location for homeowners.

The Dubai Marina is currently the largest man-made marina in the world and filled with high-class restaurants, entertainment and activity centres and some of Dubai’s most elegant retail outlets, but is also home to around 120,000 people living in premium quality skyscrapers and villas.

Towering above the Marina

Dubai Marina is also the location of some of the cities (if not the world’s!) tallest high-rise blocks. On the western side of the Marina stands a cluster of the world’s tallest residential skyscrapers including Princess Tower and the Pentominium. As this is one of the most highly desirable neighbourhoods in Dubai, developers are continuously beautifully reshaping the landscape of the Marina creating one of the world’s most striking skylines and glittering, high-rise homes for thousands of people.

Dining in style 

All of these residents and visitors need to eat, and Dubai Marina has a plethora of restaurants serving cuisine from around the world. One of the best places to experience diverse international cuisine is the Pier 7 Dubai Marina, a multi-storey tower dedicated to food from around the world. Pier 7 provides some stunning views of the Arabian Gulf and a full 360 view of the Marina Waterfront. Each of its seven floors houses a signature restaurant, offering each a unique adventure in culinary arts.

Walk the walk

Dubai Marina Walk is a beautiful waterfront promenade that extends around most of the Marina. With more than 300 outlets to choose from, it’s easy to spend hours enjoying a walk around the Marina and stopping in one of its many world-class restaurants to satisfy your taste buds when you get hungry.

The Marina Walk is hugely popular with local residents thanks to its convenient location and elegant atmosphere, especially at night.

A real marina

Dubai Marina isn’t just a marina in name only – it’s also home to the Dubai Marina Yacht Club, one of the most popular private yacht clubs in the region. The Club provides sheltered berthing for more than 500 yachts in its state-of-the-art marina, and features an elegant clubhouse with its very own restaurants, cafes, and facilities for lovers of all things nautical, it’s a haven of superyachts down to 30-foot cruisers!

A shopper’s paradise

Anyone who fancies a spot of ‘retail therapy’ should be more than happy with the Marina’s exceptional shopping facilities, and in particular the palatial Dubai Marina Mall. Over 150 stores offer everything from luxury goods to everyday essentials. The mall is also home to a number of restaurants offering waterfront views and entertainment venues including Reel Cinemas, and Njoy which is a new fun hub that provides a variety of exciting leisure activities for kids and the whole family, like indoor skateboarding and glow in the dark golf.

Traveling around The Dubai Marina

The best way to travel around the Marina is via the newly opened tram network. Quick and efficient, the air-conditioned carriages offer a welcome break from the heat, especially in the summer months. This brand new system is part of a developing infrastructure that is designed to deliver exceptional living and working conditions for those who choose to make this glamorous area of Dubai their home.

Staying in the lap of luxury

As well as 5-star restaurants, Dubai Marina offers diverse options of quality 5-star accommodation too. Visitors who fancy some serious pampering during their stay in Dubai should book into The Address Dubai Marina for the ultimate relaxation and luxury indulgences. With splendid views on the marina and a direct link to Dubai Marina Mall, The Address Dubai Marina is a perfect destination for both leisure and business.

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