5 Interior design trends to try this year


Last year had lots to offer when it comes to interior design trends that can make your house look more unique and glamorous. However, while there may be plenty of trendy designs to catch your eye, it’s better to always choose one that you personally like.

Here’s is a quick look at five of the most popular trends for this year:

1. Black metal 

Bold, contemporary and embracing that industrial look that has been on-trend for so long, black metal works well with light, bright interiors and minimalist surroundings. Whereas wrought iron can sometimes be a little bit fussy, simple, clean lines and uncluttered designs make black metal furniture and accessories the perfect partner for a minimalist room with a little bit of edgy individualism thrown into the mix. 

2. Oriental and Artisan accessories 

Where black metal offers a clean, unfussy look, it can be perfectly juxtaposed with oriental accessories such as cushions and throws that capture the artistry of Arabian design. Tassels and elaborate tapestry works well to bring a touch of individualism in an otherwise generic contemporary interior. Artisan accessories work well with a blank canvas, but choose carefully, otherwise it can look a little ‘forced’. Listen to your own instincts and remember our opening advice – this is something you have to live with so pick things that appeal to you and that you’re happy to live with.

3. Rounded furniture

Sharp, angular shapes are definitely out of favour at the moment, replaced instead by smooth curves and rounded edges. This tends to emulate the fashion for more tactile, rounded shapes in technological design (for example, rounded edges on smartphones). However, avoid ‘mixing and matching’ as rounded furniture combined with sharp, angular shapes clashes badly and simply doesn’t work to create a cohesive interior flow.

4. Integrated spaces

For a while we went back to segregated spaces. So kitchen/dining areas were separated and compartmentalised into individual blocks. That trend has been thrown into reverse and we’re back to creating spaces that flow into one another, including inside-to-outside spaces. So don’t forget about external spaces and how they work with your interior design plan – the preference now is for one space to compliment another and take a visitor on an uninterrupted journey through the home.

5. Soft colours

All white interiors can look hard, clinical and oppressive if they’re overdone. Soften the mood with pastel colours rather than brilliant white, and match your accessories so that they complement the colour scheme. Remember, though, that even soft colours can clash, so take your time choosing the palette and if you’re opening up spaces so that they flow together then make sure the colours complement rather than fight against one another.

A few to avoid

The trend for rose metal seems to have passed and instead a ‘mixed metal’ phase has taken its place. In particular, metal ornaments with different patinas work well together.

The ‘Industrial’ look has softened its edginess a little, and rather than going for upscaled industrial chic, look for more contemporary and design-focused pieces that have a timeless quality.

Florals are on-trend, but the flowers in the designs have shrunk. Avoid bold, large-sized floral prints and instead go for smaller, subtle designs that work well with this season’s pastel colour schemes.

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